Thursday, October 22, 2009


Whew, this week has been a crazy one! It's Homecoming week at ETBU and it has been a week of stress, anxiety, excitement, frustration, overwhelming, accomplishment... I've experienced it all in one week! However it will all come together on Saturday, I'll see wonderful friends, my family will be here, and it will be fun! That's what I'm looking forward to.

I've recently been having this conversation with myself about passion. I used to think I had a passion for certain things at various times throughout my life but now I feel like I am passionless. It seems like I am just going through life- working and enjoying little bits of time with friends and family when I'm not working. It's like this never ending cycle of monotony. And I sit back and look at that and think, where is my passion? Do I just find something to do and make that my passion? Or do I force myself to be passionate about something I'm already doing? It seems like God would just place something on my heart to make me feel passionate about but instead, I feel like He is just sitting back watching me, waiting to see what I'll do without His prompting. So what do I do? I don't know.

I see my friend who is passionate about missions, so she is working for a missions sending organization and through her work, the gospel is being spread throughout the world. Her passion is evident.

I see my friend who is passionate about international students, so she has devoted a year of her life to living in Hawaii and pouring into international college students. Lives are being changed, people are coming to Christ and will go back and impact many more people for Him. Her passion is evident.

I see my friend who is an extremely gifted photographer, who also has a heart for helping and getting to know those less fortunate throughout the world. She constantly travels, capturing their smiling faces and telling their stories when they cannot. Money is being raised, people are praying, and lives are being saved. Her passion is evident.

I see my friends who are passionate about the students on this campus, who have devoted their time to praying, mentoring, teaching, and leading. Students are becoming more passionate about their Lord because their passion is contagious. Their passion is evident.

I read the blog of the young girl whose passion led her to Uganda to adopt 13 young girls and care for thousands more. Her story is incredible and the Lord is using her in ways you would never imagine. Her passion is evident.

I find myself looking at these people and being jealous of their passion. What do I do about? I am seeking the Lord on this one.

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