Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello December

Wow! November flew by so fast, I don't even know what happened! I don't even know if I had time to take it all in. However, November did not disappoint- I had some good times. Too many to talk about of course, but I'll just highlight a few.

I got to see Chass and precious friends at a shower for Chassidy and John. It was so good to laugh with these girls again.

We got to go to an Ole Miss game! Weston flew a family to Mississippi for the game and they invited us to go along with them. We are definitely blessed with the opportunities we get with Weston's job. We had such a great time!

We had our annual Thanksgiving Dinner with friends at John and Sarah's house. DELICIOUS food, great friends, fun times. I love our friends!
I got to spend lots of time with family over the week of Thanksgiving. (I couldn't be more thankful for having a FULL WEEK OFF WORK! Seriously. So refreshing) I even had a chance to see Alysha and her sweet baby Tyler. No pictures of the high school best friend reunion though :(

My grandparents recently got a puppy. Before going there, we were afraid that Oliver would be mean to it and try to rip it's head off. However, all of our fears were calmed when we got there and realized that Oliver was SCARED of the little puppy that was about 1/4th of his size. So we made them bond as best we could. I think he eventually got used to the little guy.

It's our favorite time of year in the Smith household. We LOVE our tree. It's the perfect combination of pretty and sentimental. Weston and I had a great time decorating the house and we even purchased a wreath this year so the outside of our humble abode can be Christmasy too.
I woke up this morning and opened my Bible to Psalm 142. These words have been speaking to my heart all day:

"I cry to you, O LORD; I say, "You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living." Listen to my cry, for I am in desperate need; rescue me from those who pursue me, for they are too strong for me. Set me free from my prison, that I may praise your name. Then the righteous will gather about me because of your goodness."


  1. Sounds like an excellent Nov. I miss you dearly and love you sis!