Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm so excited November finally arrived. I think I'm going to love November.

Pumpkin Hunting was fun! Weston’s idea of a “Pumpkin Patch” and my idea of a “Pumpkin Patch” were quite different. I said “Hey, I think there’s a Pumpkin Patch at that church just off the Loop in Longview. Let’s go there!” and Weston was like “What? In the middle of Longview??” You see, apparently in Pennsylvania, when you go to a Pumpkin Patch, it’s a real live Pumpkin Patch where they actually grow the pumpkins. Not in Texas. In Texas, a pumpkin patch is usually a church parking lot or a random field on the side of the road where they unload a truck load of pumpkins. It was quite humorous. Weston didn’t really know what to think about that. But we did find 2 great pumpkins to take home. Here they are, ready to be carved!

As you can see, the whole family participated, even Oliver!

Weston's driving created a little mishap with his pumpkin, so he had to glue it :)

I'm real bad about taking pictures (I'm trying to get better!), so we didn't get a pic of our finished product at home. But, here's a pic of the pumpkin we carved at the party. It's a bit blurry but ours is the cute little monster next to Phillip and Nicole's Bob and Larry.

We decided to dress up as nerds for the party and it was so fun! Weston is quite the nerd. Oh it was great!

I feel like I’ve been doing lots of searching and discovering lately. I almost feel like I was living in the dark for a while and my eyes are just now starting to open, the fog is starting to clear, and I’m starting to see things that I never saw before.

It’s been less than a year since I graduated college, but it seems like now that I’m out of that setting, but kind of still in it, I can see so much! Working at a college and being immersed into the social aspect of things, without being a student, has been very interesting so far. I’m on the outside looking in and things seem so clear from this point of view. Sometimes I just want to grab a student and say, “That thing that seems so huge right now is really not that big of a deal!” or “Stop dressing that way! Maybe you want a lot of attention from guys, but that is not the way to do it! Your future husband will be eternally grateful if you wouldn’t do that right now.” or “That little decision that you make right now is going to have a pretty big impact in the future.” But I can’t always say those things. I pray for wisdom, to be able to make an impact on students in a positive way. I mean, that’s probably why I’m here, right?


  1. Cute pumpkins!

    And I totally understand what you mean about being on the outside looking in. Finally understanding how little things are, yet how big we tend to make them!

    I look forward to reading your thoughts!!

  2. Hey girl!
    I am so glad you are going to blog now so we can stay updated on each other maybe a little more : )
    Pumpkins look lovely!
    Miss you girly!