Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks A Latte!

Let me be the first to tell you that I do not like dressing up in costumes- but it seems I have had to for various things throughout life. I always like to be a good sport so I will dress up for an event that requires it, just to not look like a fuddy-dud who was too cool to dress up. (Although that does happen occasionally and I just get over it)

I do not consider myself crafty but I have been able to make a couple of great costumes in the past few years.

Exhibit A:

The Incredibles. I originally made my outfit for M-Fuge. My roommate Candace and I were The Incredibles for the night that were supposed to dress up as our favorite move characters. That Halloween, Weston and I were working the Fall Festival at church and wanted to dress up for the kids, so I made Weston an outfit to match mine. The Incredibles are always a big hit and from a distance, the outfits turned out pretty good!

Exhibit B:

This was probably the most successful costume ever and it didn't take much to make! Of course it wouldn't have been near as great if Leeland wasn't so cute. How can you resist the charm of a little Leeland Latte? Everyone has loved it and said that we need to send the pictures in to Starbucks or enter the pictures in a contest. I have been unsuccessful at both of those things so far.

The "cup" was so easy to make (thanks to Mud Hut for teaching me a great way to trace)!
I just bought a small white trash can then printed off the Starbucks logo. I traced the logo with pencil onto tissue paper. Then I put the tissue paper on the trash can and traced back over the lines with a sharpie. The ink of the sharpie just barely goes through the paper enough to see the lines. So then I colored in the lines and voila! Starbucks. It sounds like a long process but it was actually really fun.

I hope people don't expect us to live up to this next Halloween. I have no idea what we'll do!

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  1. My hopes are up for next year! :) Just kidding. I'm glad you dressed up even though it is not your favorite thing to do. You're good at coming up with fun costume ideas!