Monday, January 3, 2011

Links I Love

There are a few websites that I visit daily...or hourly... or whatever.
[The names in grey are links. Just wanted you to know that in case you didn't take the time to scroll over them ;) ]

Jenny is the lead singer of the band, Addison Road. I will admit that I like her blog more than her music. (not that I don't like her music, I was just a blog fan before an AR fan... actually I'm not really an AR fan because I discovered them after I stopped buying CD's.)
Every time I read her blog, I feel like we are sisters, or best friends. In fact, when she came to Marshall for a concert, I e-mailed her and asked her to go to coffee with me. And she did. Read her blog, love her blog, love her. It may or may not be true that I sat in a pizza place, pregnant, reading her blog on my phone, and crying. That was quite the sight, I'm sure.

I have recently fallen in love with cleaning. [weird. i know. a whole blog post coming on that later] With that love of cleaning, I have fallen in love with Mrs. Meyers. My collection is small right now (only one bottle of Basil Countertop Cleaner) but once I run out of my old products, I will be stocking my entire house with Mrs. Meyers products. Which only inspires me to clean more so I can get rid of this old stuff fast!
I do lots of cleaning but also have to take care of Leeland in the middle of it. I'm always worried that some cleaning chemical is going to be on my hands when I pick Leeland up and then he'll suck on my fingers (which he loves to do lately) and get sick or something. With Mrs. Meyers, I don't have to worry about that!
A good selection of her products are available at Walmart in the laundry aisle which is nice because the shipping that comes along with ordering online can be a beast. But there are special seasonal scents available online for a LIMITED time that sound dreamy!

I love reading their Daily Devotionals. I don't read them every day but usually go there about 3 times a week. It seems like every time I read one of their devos, it speaks DIRECTLY to me. Those ladies are so talented but the best part is that they are just like you and me and all of their posts relate directly to real life. SO good! AND one of my favs, Lysa TerKeurst will be speaking at Feminar again this year! Come to Feminar, it's a blast!

No matter how many pairs of TOMS you have, it always seems like you never have enough. It's always like you need just ONE more pair. Then after you get that pair, you still need another. But I suppose this feeling is fitting since there is always ONE more child out there that actually truly does NEED a pair of shoes. So go ahead, buy another pair. They are always coming out with new styles and designs and it is fun to check em out all the time. Of course, it can be a little dangerous because you might end up buying too many pairs of shoes but... I don't mind :)

Seriously, who doesn't love Google? I don't know what I would do without Google. I am what some may call a 'Google Mom.' From the first second I suspected I was pregnant, I've been googling everything. Weston's google method is to find the exact few words that will get the job done. Like it's some magic formula. He usually only googles a few words at a time. Me? Google is like my genie in a bottle. I ask it exactly what I want to know. And it never fails. Here are a few examples from my love affair with Google:
"Can a pregnancy test be wrong?"
"How do you know if you're in labor?" [Ha! This is when I really was in labor and probably should have been telling people but instead it was mine and Google's little secret.]
"My baby spits up all the time."
"What do you do when your newborn is constipated?"
"When do babies start crawling?"
A few times I have felt guilty about googling for answers instead of calling a doctor, but the other day, I googled, then called the doctor, and the doctor told me the EXACT same things I found out on google. Google, you never fail me.

Scott Erickson is my favorite painter. I discovered him my sophomore year in college when he was the live painter during a concert at ETBU. I would say he is a Humanitarian Painter. You know, painting for a purpose. Using paintings to give a voice to those who otherwise might never be heard. Right now, he is the Artist-in-Residence at Ecclesia in Houston. I have really been wanting to go see him again since he is so close (he was formerly in Seattle) but haven't had the chance. His paintings are ALWAYS the desktop on my computer. ALWAYS. And have been for the last few years.

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