Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lessons from Leeland

Slow down! Seriously, stop thinking about the million things you have to do today. I know you just sat down for 5 minutes to catch up on blogs. You are just taking a small break from your incredibly busy life and if you are being honest, you don't even really have the time to be sitting in front of your computer right now.

Take a deep breath. And be really REALLY honest. It's all just an illusion. What is this "busy"-ness that we've created? Have we said yes to too many things? Most likely. Will the day still go on and life still be ok if we don't get everything done? Probably.

I can say all of these things because I used to be one of those people. And I still am sometimes. But Leeland reminds me to stop. And enjoy.

A stay-at-home mom can be very, very busy. There are always errands to run, meals to cook, laundry, cleaning, and the list goes on. And then of course, you want to invest time in your child. Read him books. Expand his mind. Teach him about Jesus. Give him some fresh air. You know, all those things that "they" tell you to do. You better believe my kid is gonna be on the A Honor Roll because I'm reading him books at 5 months old and giving him toys with three different languages on them!

But then I stop. I sit on the couch for 30 minutes holding Leeland while he sleeps. I lay on the floor for an hour playing with Leeland. While he naps, I set aside the many chores that need to be done and spend time in God's Word. And Leeland teaches me that these are the things that really matter.

So if the laundry sits on the couch overnight and I don't fold it until the next day, that's ok. If the clothespins for that baby shower don't get spray painted yellow and green until the night before the shower, no one will know.

So take this advice from Leeland. Enjoy the small things in life. Invest in someone around you. Try to stop "doing" and enjoy just "being."


  1. Thanks for the reminder that I need to slow down. I have some much on my list, but am I focusing on the wrong things? Probably. Great post!

  2. I needed that! Love u & sweet Leeland