Wednesday, April 6, 2011

too much blog!

I have recently become quite the blog junkie. I may not write a blog every day but there are tons of blogs that I read every day. And I am also constantly writing blogs in my head, many of which never make it to my keyboard.

I have some friends that do Recipe Review blogs. I have never written one but have thought about it. As I was cooking dinner last night, I was writing a Recipe Review blog in my head. As I was doing one certain step, I said in my head, "And the kids will love helping out with this step!"

Then I just stopped myself and said, "What??" First of all, I have one kid, not multiple kids. Second of all, my one kid is 8 months old and was most definitely not helping out with the dinner preparation. How in the world would I know if the kids would love helping out??

And that's when I realized I've been reading way too many mommy blogs.


  1. That's kind of funny! I cannot see Leeland being much help in the kitchen. Your blog looks great! I just love the new layout!

  2. I love the new layout too and as I was reading this in bed and not going to sleep I was shouting in my head "Me too! Me too!" in many places!! I totally have a million blog updates going on in my head at any one time! AND I talk to myself like I am blogging ALL THE TIME! Good to know I am not alone!

  3. Thanks girls! I'm so glad I finally found a layout that I love and that actually worked. It took a while to get here! Annnnd hopefully I can update the picture in the header soon. That's like the ONLY family picture we have! Kinda sad, huh? Haha

  4. I don't think my last comment posted!! :( boo.

    Well, anywho..this post made my morning! I often find myself wording everyday thoughts into blog-worthy sentiments. Keep them coming!

  5. I know exactly what you mean!!!

    Love the new background! I mean like... I'M WAY DIGGIN' IT!! :)

    And I have a book that has "ideas" for my future family. It contains recipes, decor things I saw and liked, blogs that have taught me things that I really want to remember when i'm a mommy, etc.. Maybe you should just start that with all your things your learning from your mommy blogs!! (just a thought... you can totally trash that!)