Thursday, April 14, 2011

Words to Live By

I've been reading a lot of things written by Lysa TerKeurst- books, blogs, articles, etc. Something stuck out to me when she shared a few times about going through things with her kids. She talked about sitting with them and sharing truths from God's Word about certain situations they were dealing with. As I read, I said a little prayer that I will have that type of relationship with my kids- that they will be open and honest with me and eager to turn to God's Word for guidance.

But then I was a little convicted. How would I be able to share nuggets of truth from the Bible with my kids if I wasn't familiar with those words myself?

So I've started a new project called Words to Live By. I'm searching the Bible for different scriptures and then writing a sentence or two about how those apply to our lives. I'm going to make a little book out of it to share with Leeland. I expect the book to be constantly growing and changing as my little one constantly grows and changes. And I hope that as Leeland grows and our family (hopefully) grows, that Leeland will then be able to teach his little brothers and/or sisters these valuable lessons.

As I've been searching, not only will these lessons be valuable to my kids in the future, but I am doing a lot of learning myself. I am becoming more and more familiar with God's Word, which is the real reason I even started this project in the first place. The Lord is using this simple project to teach me a lot and I'm sure you'll be hearing more about it soon :)


  1. Meagan this is awesome! Love this idea and concept of learning His word! I started a journal to each of my kids from the day they were born. I write to them as love letters of where they are in their life and share what God is doing. My plan is the day they marry to give them my love letters and pray it will also be an encouragement to them as they start their own families.

  2. I love this and do believe I will take this idea for myself! Thank you so much for sharing. Your blogs are such a blessing to read.