Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 days of...

Emily over at Chatting at the sky said some words that have inspired me:

"One of the best ways to become a better writer is to write. Last October I became a better writer during 31 Days of Grace. Writing everyday for a month will do that to you. But more than just the discipline of writing, 31 Days is an opportunity for each of us to discover those things that make us come alive. And then, to share those things with others."

So I've decided to join in with her and a host of other bloggers and write every day for 31 days. I brainstormed lots of different topic ideas but the one that kept coming back to me was "31 Days of Peace in the Chaos."

Sometimes life just feels like chaos. Right now, my life feels like a never ending cycle of monotonous chaos. One crazy exhausting day after the next. But for 31 days, I will be looking for peace in each of those days. I know the Lord provides it for me, but I just don't always see it.

Writing every day for 31 days is gonna be hard. I actually tried it last year- I just didn't post it on the blog. I think I made it about 3 days. So here goes nothing! I'm hoping to stay committed and make it all 31 days this year. Join me in this journey!

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  1. I will be sure to read it. Love the topic :) I definitely know that feeling. Since I have become a mom its been chaos, then with two it feels like uncontrollable chaos. Reading day 1 of your journey reminds me that everyone goes through the same battles and we just have to choose our outcomes. :)