Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Series...

I've decided to write a series of posts titled, "A Change in Perspective."

I think there are so many places in our lives that if we simply changed the way we look at them, our lives could be transformed! I have four posts in the works for this series, but I'm not making any promises. Leeland is a very active 6 month old, and bouncing in the bouncer next to me while I type on the laptop only keeps him entertained for a limited amount of time. So, hopefully I'll get these posts up in the next week or two!

Until then, dwell on this today:
Let the Holy Spirit intervene in your natural flesh response.

Lysa TerKeurst shared those words with us at Feminar last weekend. When I take hold of my feelings and let the Holy Spirit intervene, it so powerful! I've tried it out a few times this week and let me tell you- it works! So here's a change in perspective for you(from Lysa)- "It's not so much our carefully planned actions that determine our influence for Christ- it's our reactions."

That was a freebie. I wasn't even planning on that one! It just came out. So I suppose my four part series has just become a FIVE part series. :)

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